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60s Trends That Inspire Our Handmade Collection!

  60s Trends That Inspire Our Handmade Collection! The 60s are iconic for so many reasons, from Mary Quant to the emergence of the hippie style, there is a reason it is one of the most memorable decades for fashion! Just landed on our site, our handmade collection consists of babydoll dresses, berets, pattern clashing zip up dresses AND capes - scroll to the bottom to check them out! We are so excited about restocking our best selling handmade collection, so we wanted to share some of the incredible trends that inspired us!  The Babydoll Dress A silhouette that flatters every figure, the 60s are legendary for the birth of the mini dress - more specifically the babydoll dress, which can be defined by its trapeze shape going out from the bust. Both comfortable and glamorous, it's as good for dancing as it is for running errands on a Wednesday. Our favourite piece in the handmade collection - the babydoll dress, see at the end - is heavily inspired by this 60s shape because of its eas

Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood Is Back On Netflix UK! Here's How You Can Dress Like Them...

  It's back! Without a doubt the most exciting film for vintage fans back in 2019, Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood is back on Netflix in the UK and we couldn't be happier. Set in 1969, this Tarantino special has some of the most celebrated actors in the world (Leo, Brad, Margo Robbie from Babylon and Austin Butler from Elvis) - but more importantly for us, some of the best '69 aesthetics we have ever seen! We therefore thought it was only right that we dedicated a TOG blog post to this sensational film, as well as our top vintage picks from the site for how you can dress like the legendary characters. First up on our style list is Rick Dalton, aka Leonardo DiCaprio - and I honestly can't decide whether I prefer his swanky 60s LA look, or his 'in character' 50s Western cowboy look! Either way both are iconic and so easy to recreate! Just grab your roll neck, pair with your favourite jeans and pop on our original vintage brown suede jacket! One of the best things