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Music with Mark! Garage Legends: The Monks vs The Sonics. Hey guys, welcome back to another music with Mark! The 1960s are my favourite musical decade and for me, The Monks and The Sonics are two of my favourites. They had relatively short careers but were hugely influential on me, my tastes and how I like to dress. When we're working away in our studio sorting through mounds of vintage clothes or making some handmade treasures, we love nothing more than playing their albums and turning it up to 11. The Monks: In Monk's Robes Dave, Larry, Roger, Eddie and Gary were a group of American GIs stationed in Germany and formed The Monks in 1964. They dressed in black, wore winkle pickers, a rope around their neck and even went as far as to shave bald patches on their heads (tonsures). While I'd not go as far as shaving my head, I definitely dug their choice in shoes and along with The Horrors, they inspired me to get myself off to the vintage markets and vintage shops in Camden to