60s Trends That Inspire Our Handmade Collection!


60s Trends That Inspire Our Handmade Collection!

The 60s are iconic for so many reasons, from Mary Quant to the emergence of the hippie style, there is a reason it is one of the most memorable decades for fashion!

Just landed on our site, our handmade collection consists of babydoll dresses, berets, pattern clashing zip up dresses AND capes - scroll to the bottom to check them out! We are so excited about restocking our best selling handmade collection, so we wanted to share some of the incredible trends that inspired us! 

The Babydoll Dress

A silhouette that flatters every figure, the 60s are legendary for the birth of the mini dress - more specifically the babydoll dress, which can be defined by its trapeze shape going out from the bust. Both comfortable and glamorous, it's as good for dancing as it is for running errands on a Wednesday.

Our favourite piece in the handmade collection - the babydoll dress, see at the end - is heavily inspired by this 60s shape because of its ease and familiarity. Pair with tights, layer a roll neck underneath, however you rock your babydoll dress you will look far out and we can't wait to see how you style yours! 

The Beret

My all time favourite accessory, I simply feel like an outfit is not complete without a beret! Originally a military hat created for men, it was actually in the 30s that the beret as we know it became a staple in fashion trends, and has remained popular ever since!

It was in the 60s that icons such as Bridgette Bardot and Twiggy made the hat so effortlessly cool, and now you can too - our half and half dresses come with a matching beret, or you can buy one by itself made from authentic 60s fabric!

Groovy Prints

We all love a groovy print - that's why we are all here! Ridiculously colourful and over-the-top prints were so commonplace in the 60s, a far cry from so many of the monochrome trends of today. A sign of the shifting attitudes and freedom of expression of the time, mixed in with the birth of psychedelia; bold flower power, colourful paisley and graphic geometric patterns all hold a place in the heart of us vintage lovers!

The home decor was just as groovy as the clothes, and our handmade collection is all made from 60s or 70s textiles - the majority of which used to be curtains!

The Sleeves

SLEEVES! I think its safe to say I am obsessed with dramatic sleeves, and though the 60s was not the origin of the ridiculous and amazing bell sleeve, it certainly popularised them in fashion! 

Though bell sleeves are not the only sleeve we have taken inspiration from for our handmade collection! Juliet sleeves are super rare to find and so beautiful to wear, so we just knew we had to incorporate them into our babydoll dresses. But what is a Juliet sleeve?! There are many versions of them but they can be loosely defined as an oversized sleeve with a band (usually elastic) around the arm, creating a puff effect on the forearm (like the pink dress in the far right picture). They have such a gorgeous medieval feel to them and we are so excited to feature them in this collection.

The Cape

Oh the beautiful cape! I don't think there is an occasion where a cape wouldn't be perfect - so vintage and effortlessly glamorous. The experimental fun of the 60s really saw a rise in popularity of the cape, particularly in mod fashion which took lots of inspiration from space age silhouettes. From Jackie Kennedy to The Fool Collective, so many fashionable people (including many men) donned a cape in the midcentury!

We are so excited to be bringing you two capes in our handmade collection, both made from gorgeous woven vintage fabrics, complete with arm holes and ornate vintage-style clasps!

The Collection

We hope you have enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of our inspirations, we really put our all into these pieces and can't wait to see you style them! Enjoy shopping the collection!


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