Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood Is Back On Netflix UK! Here's How You Can Dress Like Them...


It's back! Without a doubt the most exciting film for vintage fans back in 2019, Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood is back on Netflix in the UK and we couldn't be happier.

Set in 1969, this Tarantino special has some of the most celebrated actors in the world (Leo, Brad, Margo Robbie from Babylon and Austin Butler from Elvis) - but more importantly for us, some of the best '69 aesthetics we have ever seen!

We therefore thought it was only right that we dedicated a TOG blog post to this sensational film, as well as our top vintage picks from the site for how you can dress like the legendary characters.

First up on our style list is Rick Dalton, aka Leonardo DiCaprio - and I honestly can't decide whether I prefer his swanky 60s LA look, or his 'in character' 50s Western cowboy look!

Either way both are iconic and so easy to recreate! Just grab your roll neck, pair with your favourite jeans and pop on our original vintage brown suede jacket!

One of the best things about this movie is the general 60s Hollywood aesthetic, and of COURSE we love all the outfits the hippies wear! 

Whether you love crochet, floaty cottons or boho prints, the costume department nails it in this and make us so excited to bring pieces like these back to the site in time for summer!

The hippie look has always been one of our faves, and though right now isn't May in Los Angles (not for us anyway), we have some perfect pieces to achieve the free love vibe even in the cold!

My two favourite scenes by far is the party that Sharon Tate goes to, and when we meet Rick's wife Francesca! If only we could go back in time and go to a 60s Hollywood house party and honestly, if someone can make me the red crochet jumpsuit that Francesca wears, my life would be complete!

And though my red crochet jumpsuit dreams are a little way away, I thought these dresses would fit right in at the party and make excellent additions to your 60s wardrobe.

I also like to think Sharon Tate would be a big fan of our handmade dresses, as modelled by our very own Sharon, Alex! Made from authentic 60s fabric, these dresses are so fun to style up or down and even come with their own matching beret. 

I hope you enjoyed our TOG take on Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood! If you haven't seen it, you definitely should, and if you have seen it, I hope you're as excited as we are to dress up in all the grooviest vintage clothing! 

Peace and love, Caitlin and Mark x


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