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An Ode To Noel Fielding

The Great British Bake Off is back! Oh my gosh we couldn't be happier - after what has felt like a crazy year full of TV repeats and waiting for film releases, the GBBO is a shining light of cakey Channel 4 goodness! Obviously me and Mark love the cake, the baking puns, and the *drama* when someone drops something or the tent gets too hot (remember the Baked Alaska fiasco of 2014?!), but clearly the star of the show for us is Noel Fielding and his iconic outfits. Therefore we thought it was only right to dedicate a little part of the internet to Noel, his wardrobe, and how you can get his iconic 70s glam rock style on our site! Noel Fielding wearing his favourite - ponchos! Noel and Sandi rocking some boss shirts on the bake off Noel in some incredible 70s jackets Mark did actually meet Noel back in The Boosh days - clearly they are kindred spirits and wanted to swap clothes immediately. I'll pass over to Mark to tell the story! The Mighty Boosh were playing two nights in Liver

About Us

Hi! Welcome to The Octopus Garden!  We just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us and our lil business.   We started TOG in March 2017, as we wanted to create an affordable way to get authentic, fun, sustainable and colourful vintage and handmade treasures into every wardrobe. We are Caitlin and Mark, we live in Liverpool and have both been into vintage clothing from a super early age. We are inspired mostly by the 60s and 70s, but we travel all around the world keeping our beady eyes out for anything fun and colourful to bring them directly to you!  We have always dreamed of having our very own vintage shop, so when we met in 2016 we teamed up Mark's photography skills, Caitlin's styling / sewing, and our love of rainbow vintage and created The Octopus Garden!!! So far we have traded at markets and festivals all around the UK, and we love going on adventures together! In March 2020 we started creating handmade pieces from