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The Mary Quant Film and How She Inspires Us!

                       "I think the point of fashion is not to get bored looking at somebody"   Mary Quant. Ahead of the first official feature documentary celebrating Dame Mary Quant, we wanted to dedicate a part of The Octopus Garden to the queen of style herself, and how she has influenced our handmade pieces! Dame Barbara Mary Quant was born in 1930, and *literally* invented the mini skirt! She started designing and manufacturing her own pieces in the later 1950s after being picked up by Harper's Bazaar. She believed that clothing should be fun, contemporary and accessible to the younger generation, who at this time were finally able to afford their own clothes! She opened her own boutique 'Bazaar' on King's Road in Chelsea in 1955, which was really the birth of the 'Mod' and 'Chelsea' looks, featuring the mini skirt and mini dress. Quant claims that she did not actually invent the mini skirt - her customers did, as they kept asking for th

Meet Gemma from Girl In The Garden!

  Hi Tog Gang! By now you will know about our amazing crochet collaboration with Girl On Purl Action, or as we like to call her - Gemma!  After going to Glastonbury together in 2019 (pics below!), the collab was born! We combined our business name with hers to create a rainbow 70s collection of crochet goodness called 'Girl In The Garden', and we absolutely love every piece like a child. But we've never really given you the opportunity to meet Gem, so read on to find out how she got into crocheting, what inspires her, and how to shop her amazing pieces! (Caitlin and Gemma socially distancing in their GITG tees and headscarves!) How long have you been into crocheting and what got you into it? Eeep! Far too long! About a decade ha ha! I taught myself with YouTube videos and text books from the library - it was a real labour of love as my first few items were a nightmare! I was a bunny that ended up looking like something from a horror film & a little Flash figure which wa