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Second Hand September Tips with Helena, aka Ditsy Floral!

  Happy Second Hand September TOG babes!  If you've not heard of it before, in 2019 Oxfam began the campaign challenging people to only buy preloved items for 30 days - which has never been more important than right now! Now I know I'm preaching to the converted to all of you guys, who have probably all been shopping vintage for years, but it's vital to highlight the importance of reducing our impact on the planet. With so many companies greenwashing and taking advantage of those with an eco-conscience, remember that the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is promote a circular economy! SO we have enlisted the help of one of favourite creators - Helena Smith Parucker (aka @ditsy.floral) to get her tips on a successful Second Hand September this year!                1. Create a list of your dream pieces or just things you're looking for so you can tick them off when you find them.                 2. Think about different ways to describe a particular piece of