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Earth Day: How to make your vintage clothing last forever!

  Happy Earth Day TOG babes! Did you know the very first Earth Day was held in 1970? What a year. So obviously as a purveyor of vintage clothing I am always looking to find ways of making both my own clothes and our pieces on TOG last forever! And OK maybe they can't last FOREVER, but I've compiled my top 5 pointers on how to make your clothes last longer, which is better for your clothes, for your purse, and ultimately - the Earth!  And if you can't be bothered reading my gibbering, head to the bottom where I've done a summary! 1. Wash them less! This is my absolute number one tip! Obviously washing your clothes is necessary sometimes, but it is without a doubt the fastest way of your clothes deteriorating, and more often than not they don't actually require the washing machine - just a spot wash or freshen up. Not only does the washing machine make your clothes fade, become misshapen, and decrease their structural integrity (so more likely to rip), but every time

Music with Mark!

Hey! For a while we'd been talking about sharing some of the music that I help to pick for the videos you see on our Instagram and TikTok accounts, so welcome to Music With Mark! This will be a regular feature on our blog to showcase some of the incredible hidden gems from the 60s and 70s! It can be really daunting starting to discover music from a different genre that you may be interested in but feel like you don't know the way in to it.  For me, the best decade for music is the 60s. Not your typical chart music but music from the underground. My interest in the 60s started when The Horrors burst on to the scene with Sheena Is A Parasite back in 2006. Up to that point, the indie that I was finding in the NME was great and enjoyable but there was something completely different about The Horrors and it was exciting! As a friend of mine at the time described it:  "the drums are like a skeleton in a metal bin falling down some stairs." - this would go on to form the bas