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Small Business Christmas Shopping Guide!

  Yes yes, it's not even December yet and we've already been reminded for WEEKS that Christmas is nearly here. We for one have not even started our Christmas shopping yet, because we intend on shopping independent, local, and/or small this year, so no worries about things being stuck on ships, wahoo! Joking aside, it has been yet another tough year for small businesses, so your support is more important than ever! As far as we are concerned, buying gifts from a small business is like buying two presents, because actual people are absolutely made up with your orders!  But we knowwww that it's hard when you just want your shopping over and done with and Amazon, Waterstones, Boots and the like all seem like the quickest and cheapest option. SO that's why we've put together this gift guide that we hope will appeal to the different kinds of people you're buying for, get your shopping done fast, and included big and small prezzies too :) We sadly couldn't write ab