TOG Talks with The Meyer Dancers!

Happy July TOG babes! It might be a bit late to say that but the month is flying by! With festival season in full swing, we thought we would bring you a blog that you can read for those long journeys to the fields.

This month we are so excited to chat to the grooviest dance troupe in the UK - The Meyer Dancers!! London is so lucky to have this sensational sisterhood, teaming with energy and embodying everything about the 60s and 70s! Having appeared on TV, music videos, and at festivals and events all across the UK, The Meyer Dancers are a pillar of the vintage community, so we get to know them a little better!

We have been a fan of you guys for so long! Tell us how you founded the Meyer Dancers?

A group of us met whilst studying dance over 10 years ago, we shared a joint passion for music, all things vintage and the colourful essence of the 60s and 70s. We were inspired by the strong female characters in Russ Meyer movies so that's where our name originated from! We started this from pure passion and its still something we are incredibly passionate about - spreading love and joy through vintage dance!

What is your favourite style of vintage dancing to perform and teach?

Oooh tough question! There are so many styles within both 60s and 70s dance that we love performing. We love how each style and movement helps us to embody different energies (from early soul to mod, psychedelic to funk and disco). That's why we love the groups that were about in the eras, they all had a unique flavour. We try to fuse inspiration from an array of dancers and put our own Meyer touch on it!

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into dance?

If you have a passion for music, then we encourage anyone to start moving! Explore different sounds, feel beats and instruments through your body find a groove and definitely check out original footage on youtube - thats where all the magic is! We go deep into the process of finding rare footage and checking out new unseen gems!

Where do you source all your groovy matching outfits?!

Our costumes are a mix of custom handmade, true vintage, thrifted finds and even sometimes modern pieces that we spice up with the vintage touch! We are really passionate and love working with designers to create unique pieces as well as style our own looks.

It must be hard to find vintage to dance in?

It can be, sometimes there are deadstock matching items we've found on ebay or etsy, you can strike gold occasionally! The only thing with true vintage as it can get VERY HOT performing as most of the fabrics are polyester! 

Does anyone inspire you with your dances and/or outfits?

Were massive fans of Hullaballo dancers, Gazzari Dancers, Pans People and the wonderful soul train dancers! There were so many amazing groups in the 60s and 70s as well as individual dancers. Outfits wise - we love Nancy Sinatra, Cher, Raquel Welch, Lola Falana to name a few!

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Probably to the Whisky a GoGo in LA or Kings Road in Chelsea as those shops really were the HEART of the groove!

Tell us where we can groove with you and the Meyer Dancers this summer!

We have a busy summer coming up! Lots of festivals, events and teaching - keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for the announcements!

Laura wears her Magic Meadow beret! It has been amazing to talk to you, see you at Latitude girls!


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