TOG Talks with Dawn O'Porter!

Welcome to this month's TOG Talks, and this month we are so delighted to chat to absolute ICON Dawn O'Porter! As a writer, presenter, and designer of the most amazing vintage inspired pieces, Dawn is such an inspiration to TOG, not to mention an absolute babe. We chat LA, vintage, and what to pack for Glastonbury!

Congratulations on your most recent Joanie launch!! You have THE best style, what started your love of vintage? 

    My aunty and uncle who raised me worked on Bond Street in the 60s. My aunty dressed windows and my uncle was a furrier. They talked about clothes a lot of I grew up. My uncle would turn things inside out and show me how they were made. it made me really nostalgic about how it used to be done, and kinda hate the high street because of how mass produced it was. I loved the stories of the vintage clothes. Wondering who wore them first was always part of the fun. 

What is your most prized vintage piece? 

    Well, hard question because I have a lot, but probably my Couregge mini dresses from the 60s and my Ossie Clarke's from the 70s. So much of modern fashion is inspired by them and I just love that I have the originals. 

What is vintage shopping like in LA? 

    The Sunday flea market is really fun, on melrose. I used to go there all the time. It used to be better. So often now the stalls just sell costume stuff. Lots of unwearable crap with stains on, I just don't get it. So I rarely go anymore, but I do pop down to my fav vintage spot whenever I can. It's small but beautifully stocked, called Cannonball and Tilly in Little Ethiopia. I never leave with nothing. 

So we actually met at the most magical place in the world - Glastonbury! Tell us 5 things you absolutely must pack for the festival? 

    I am THE WORST packer for Glastonbury. I take too much and its so stressful. This year I am trying to do better. One summer dress, one night dress, rain coat, warm socks and BABYWIPES. 

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

Take me to the Kings Road in the 60s. I'd kick up and down in my Go Go boots and patterned tights, shooting shots and kissing ALL the boys. 

What other exciting things have you got lined up for the year? 

    We're moving back to London after 15 years so I have the gruesome task of having to keep or donate all of my clothes. it's impossible. I don't want to part with anything as they're all one off's. But at this point I either let some things go, or will have to leave a child behind. annoyingly, my husband wants to keep the kids. 


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