Sustainable Vintage Halloween Looks!


Halloween is just around the corner, and I don't know about you guys but it is one of our favourite times of the year. The time of soups, autumn tones, crunchy leaves and of course - dressing up time! 

Yes yes, Halloween is all about thinking of cool costume ideas, whether that be a fully blown concept or just wearing all the cutest spooky characters. And while that's all well and good, Halloween is a *frightening* time of waste - without even touching upon the pumpkins or decorations. 

According to Save Your Wardrobe, an estimated 7 million costumes are thrown out every year, the majority of which end up in landfill. And sadly, due to the large proportion of costumes being made from plastic based fabrics (like nylon and polyester), this is the equivalent of 83 million plastic bottles which will take over 300 years to decompose.

But never fear!! That is why your favourite vintage clothing shop is ready to help.

We have gathered together a handful of incredible 1960s, 1970s and 1980s vintage pieces, each of them perfect for wearing any day of the year - as well as styling into the most amazing Halloween looks! So it's a treat for you, as well as getting organised early for any spooky plans you may have throughout October.

Not only this, but Girl On Purl Action has designed three absolutely adorable, super limited edition crochet pieces to go along with any Halloween looks! Only available to order until 13th October 2022.

Without further ado - let's delve into the looks!

The Mushroom Queen

You know here at TOG we love a mushroom, so I simply had to do a mushroom inspired look!

This look was so easy to do with our Girl In The Garden pieces - the earrings are £16 and the beret is £22. Team with any red or white pieces in your wardrobe, or go for a 70s twist with our red vintage maxi (£25) and 70s crochet waistcoat (£24).

The makeup is super easy to achieve too - simply pop a red eyeshadow (you could even use a pigmented blusher or lip colour) in circles round your eyes, on the tip of your nose and between your eyebrows, then use a white liquid liner to paint circles over the top. Even easier, you can get adhesive craft pearls that stick straight on!

The Ghost Hunter

When Gemma from Girl On Purl Action showed us this adorable top she designed, I knew I had to think of a whole Halloween look to go round it!

This look can be achieved with any gothic pieces in your wardrobe, but these TOG pieces lent themselves perfectly. The Boooooobs top (£35), has been layered over a vintage blouse (£18), tucked into a leather skirt (£22), with an incredible vintage hooded coat over the top (coming soon!). Teamed with fishnets, chunky boots and a hat for some gorgeous witchy vibes. 

Makeup wise, the more gothic the better! I used a black matt lipstick, a pale foundation, and simply used a black liquid liner to draw a cross between my eyebrows.

The Pumpkin Witch

Instantly when I saw this dress I thought of a glamorous Halloween gal, it's the perfect 70s dress for the perfect spooky groovy sexy costume! Morticia Addams eat your heart out.

For this mega simple look, I paired this insane 70s maxi dress (£25) with some black lace gloves, and used a pigmented black eyeshadow to paint pumpkin details on my face - you could go as creepy or sexy as you want with this so you could even paint your face at the party to avoid funny looks on the train!

So we hope you have enjoyed these fully brought to life looks and have got some inspo, either from us or from your existing wardrobe! 

But if you're still looking for some gorgeous vintage Halloween-inspired pieces, check out these gems for witchy looks, corpse bride looks and totally clueless looks!


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